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Whether you’re publicly or privately owned, large or small, we have a wide array of services to meet your needs. Not to mention that we always customize our offerings for every client to ensure the best outcomes and success. 

Private Equity Organizations

Information is power. Successful private equity firms know this, which is why they oftentimes look for prospects that have a strong market position, various avenues of growth potential, and more stable cash flows. While the financial, legal, and commercial due diligence processes are critical, the people side of the equation is oftentimes under emphasized. Even after an organization is added to your portfolio, what if you could support the leaders and other members of the organization in a way that enhanced their ability to achieve financial outcomes?

You are already experts in evaluating the marketplace and the product.

Let us help you with evaluating people.

CMA has partnered with Private Equity Firms and their portfolio companies in many ways, including: 

  1. Due Diligence – Add our PhD psychologists to your due diligence team. Just like scheduling an inspection for your home before purchasing, wouldn’t you want more data on the table before making an investment? We can partner with you to conduct organizational interviews to identify the cultural factors currently at play that could help or hurt the business’s ability to succeed and partner effectively with your firm. We can also assess existing leaders and members of their team to provide you with additional data related to individual leader strengths and opportunity areas. (org assessment)
  2. Assessments and Leadership Development – CMA conducts thousands of psychological assessments each year and can help answer: Which candidates have the potential to take your existing investments to the next level? A similar process can help PE firms nurture their investment by encouraging leadership development. CMA’s developmental assessment and coaching process can help leaders uncover strengths and growth areas to expedite development and their ability to achieve growth-related goals.
  3. Strategic Planning – CMA helps portfolio companies plan for the future by developing a comprehensive, execution-ready strategic plan customized for their marketplace and clients. A development of a strategic roadmap includes identifying current and future states, developing initiatives and action plans to achieve end goals, and determining how to effectively communicate and monitor progress toward goals.
  4. Team Building – To enhance relationships and functioning of a team, CMA can facilitate sessions and shared experiences among members. Tailored to the specific needs of the group, these sessions can be focused on raising team self-awareness or specific development goals.


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  • Murphy
    "Working with CMA gives us insight into the talent we are hiring and our organization-wide leadership strengths and development needs. Through CMA, our people receive customized coaching and core leadership training that helps us prepare for future growth."

    Rob Koester