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Company Types

Whether you’re publicly or privately owned, large or small, we have a wide array of services to meet your needs. Not to mention that we always customize our offerings for every client to ensure the best outcomes and success. 

Family Businesses

Family ties run deep, and that’s never truer than with family businesses. We help family businesses of all sizes navigate the waters of conflict, ownership transitions and more with the care and understanding we’d want shown to our own families.

Overall, family-owned businesses outperform public companies in terms of ROI, building on strong family values, commitment and family harmony. While tensions and conflicts are an ongoing risk to a family business, the largest periodic risk is the transition from one generation to the next. A full 66% of family businesses don’t make that transition successfully.

Working with the family (and non-family members at times), CMA can help reduce the risk that occurs during transition by planning, executing and following through on this transition of leadership and ownership. We have strong relationships with the many disciplines required for a successful generational transition, including legal, financial, tax and insurance.

We also host forums where you can network and share ideas with others who run their own family businesses, getting another inside perspective into the unique challenges you face.

Jami Wolfe

Ph.D., S.P.H.R.



Resources for Family Businesses

In addition to our consulting services specializing in helping family business owners, we also offer several other ways for you to learn and grow in your business.

Family Business Forum

Join an exclusive forum of presidents (or named successors) of family-owned businesses to help you accelerate the development and enhance the success of your family business through constructive peer feedback and thoughtful dialogue.

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Family Business Speaker Series

Hear firsthand how noteworthy family business leaders have overcome obstacles and thrived at this annual speak series, followed by an interactive question and answer session.

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The Business of Family Business

Listen as KMOX talks with a local family business owner about their successes and hardships, in partnership with CMA.

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The Business of Family Business Ownership

This new five-year program is designed to help the current generation of family business owners develop the next generation into successful and effective business owners.

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Our Success Stories
  • Our Success

    CMA's programs have resulted in successful outcomes for our clients. Learn more from our archive of stories.

  • Murphy
    "Working with CMA gives us insight into the talent we are hiring and our organization-wide leadership strengths and development needs. Through CMA, our people receive customized coaching and core leadership training that helps us prepare for future growth."

    Rob Koester