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Company Types

Whether you’re publicly or privately owned, large or small, we have a wide array of services to meet your needs. Not to mention that we always customize our offerings for every client to ensure the best outcomes and success. 

Entrepreneurial Corporations

CMA helps both sides of the entrepreneurial coin—we can assist entrepreneurs in their efforts to make their business grow and thrive, or guide investors in their decisions on which entrepreneurs are best for investment.

We have helped entrepreneurs double the size of their business with services ranging from selection assessments to coaching. We also assist investors with selecting the best equipped entrepreneurs to finance.

For Investors

We help investors identify an entrepreneurial profile that can increase the odds of their success by financing an innovator with strong leadership and management characteristics.

If you understand an entrepreneur’s level of motivation and their key drivers prior to investing in them or enrolling them in an accelerator program, you can help ensure success early on. Those that don’t have the perseverance to push through difficult times may need to be reconsidered or be paired with a mentor who can tap into their key drivers to keep them energized when the road gets rocky.

For Entrepreneurs

CMA’s assessment process can help entrepreneurs of any size ensure that each team member they add to their organization has the core characteristics and capability to move the organization forward. With early stage organizations this can mean doubling the team in a short period of time. Each added team member can dramatically affect the culture and efficiency of the group. CMA helps the team grow in alignment so that members are added with strategic intent.

We take a methodological approach to measuring entrepreneurial leadership style. Once a leader has identified their style, they receive a report with recommendations and tools to capitalize on their strengths and to address their developmental opportunities.  

Dana Borchert


VP, Denver Market Leader

Rob Patterson


Senior Consultant

Our Success Stories
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    CMA's programs have resulted in successful outcomes for our clients. Learn more from our archive of stories.

  • Murphy
    "Working with CMA gives us insight into the talent we are hiring and our organization-wide leadership strengths and development needs. Through CMA, our people receive customized coaching and core leadership training that helps us prepare for future growth."

    Rob Koester