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Wanting to invest in the success of your people isn’t reserved for a specific industry or type of company. That’s why we work with companies big and small, from local family-owned businesses to large government agencies.

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While we work with a wide array of industries, we have developed specialized experience with certain ones. We have a wealth of experience customizing our services to fit your industry, from healthcare to retail, construction to financial.


While businesses must respond to the voices of many stakeholders, none is more important than the consumer.

The voice of the consumer echoes the experience they’ve had doing business with you. It’s what will be remembered, for good or bad.

A great customer experience is strongly influenced by the quality of your talent. Having the wrong person in the wrong job can make or break you when it comes to customer impressions of your company.

Was the customer helped in a professional and friendly manner? Were their concerns addressed? Were policies and steps explained to them? Were they treated with respect? All of these answers contribute greatly to the story the customer will associate with your brand.

CMA has assisted many retail and business-to-consumer organizations over the years with talent management, talent assessment and development, team development, strategic planning, and coaching, so they can hire the right people and develop the right skills to leave a consumer wanting more. 

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Our Success Stories
  • cma fact

    The CMA engagement resulted in a reduction of one company's CEO’s span of control from 18 to 5 direct reports.

  • Imo’s Pizza
    "CMA has assisted our family with a G1 to G2 transition. We have a successor supported by family and franchisees, an engaged family, increased organizational performance and peace of mind."

    Marge Imo, President