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Wanting to invest in the success of your people isn’t reserved for a specific industry or type of company. That’s why we work with companies big and small, from local family-owned businesses to large government agencies.

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While we work with a wide array of industries, we have developed specialized experience with certain ones. We have a wealth of experience customizing our services to fit your industry, from healthcare to retail, construction to financial.


Our team of psychologists can help you select the right coach or athletic director, evaluate a player’s off the court risk, and improve team dynamics.

Your team needs the right back-office leadership, coaching staff, and athletes to win.  CMA uses a comprehensive assessment process to determine a player’s risk level, motivational profile, leadership, and coachability. We also help evaluate a coach’s management style, decision making ability, and team dynamic impact.  Last, we can help ensure that a back-office director has strategic capability, analytic accuracy, effective influencing skills, and a responsible work ethic.


Jon Hinrichs


Senior Consultant