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Zach Stinebaugh, B.S.

“The potential of people excites me.  I desire to help organizations thrive by helping people reach their potential; because when organizations thrive, they can significantly impact the world around them.  By utilizing empirical research, which is solid and trustworthy, we can help people and organizations deliver that world-changing impact.”

Prior to joining CMA, Zach was formally trained with an undergraduate degree in Business, at the University of South Carolina, and went on to become a territory manager for a Fortune 200 organization.  His experience helps him to perceive and address organizational issues from a broad, business-oriented perspective.

Since joining CMA, Zach has focused on performing data analysis, researching various topics, writing blog posts, and assisting with executive development and succession planning.

Zach is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Southern Illinois – Edwardsville, in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  His area of research specialization is organizational identification of high-potential (Hi-Po) employees.  Zach has also presented research on adaptability, perseverance, and organizational agility.

In his free time, Zach enjoys playing a round of golf, watching sports and movies, spending quality time with friends, and playing with his border collie.