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Sam McCullough, M.A.

“Lead by example. It is our responsibility to promote best-practices and motivate others through our own work ethic and drive to succeed.”

Prior to joining CMA, Sam worked in a St. Louis-based Fortune 500 organization. In this role, he redesigned important recruitment initiatives to provide development opportunities for employees, improve selection procedures, and promote equitable and inclusive selection decisions. He was also responsible for creating tools to improve the organization’s outreach efforts.

Since joining CMA, Sam has developed presentation materials for leadership development programs, performance management initiatives, and team-building retreats for senior management. He has also written proposals and scope-of-work documents on a variety of topics and has created one-page reference documents for client use. His primary interest is in helping organizations effectively manage change in the workplace, such that employees feel supported and motivated to tackle new challenges.

Sam earned bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Music from the University of Missouri – Columbia, with a minor in multicultural studies. He received his master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). As a graduate student, Sam led a team of researchers to study workplace discrimination based on appearance. Additionally, he consulted on many pro-bono projects with local organizations on topics such as competency modeling, job analysis, and assessment research.