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How to Identify Low Emotional Intelligence

A recent Inc. article summarized how to best identify low emotional intelligence (EQ).

Those who have higher EQ have been known to be more successful in life. Research has shown that EQ is linked to more successful relationships and general well-being.

Higher EQ also linked to success in work. EQ accounts for approximately 90 percent of what moves employees up the corporate ladder. EQ is responsible for 58 percent of job performance. Those with higher EQ earn more than those with lower EQ–$29,000 more per year. And EQ is one of the top job skills needed for employees to thrive in 2020.

Because of the importance of EQ, it’s crucial to identify low EQ so it can be improved. Below are some key questions to ask yourself to identify low EQ.

  1. Are you quick to judge? Those with low EQ jump to conclusions before gaining an understanding of how to read other people’s emotions or their own. They may create a negative impression of a person before evaluating the context of a situation. This may leave them with a distorted view of people and situations.
  2. Do you have difficulty accepting criticism? Those with high EQ have an easier time accepting criticism. They can process their emotions, accept their strengths and weaknesses, and determine where they need to improve.
  3. Do you increasingly feel anxious or stressed? Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one point or another. However, those with high EQ seek to gain perspective on situations. They gain input from different angles. They practice mindfulness before anxiety begins to take control.
  4. Are you a bad listener? Those with low EQ often lack empathy. They may neglect to listen to others’ opinions and thoughts to gain another point of view. Those with high EQ tend to be trusted more, instill higher job satisfaction, and increase their team’s creativity.
  5. Do you find it hard to recover from mistakes? Those with higher EQ are more resilient. They can let go of the past and move forward. Those with low EQ tend to dwell on past mistakes. They have difficulty picking back up.