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Five Questions to Ask Employees During “Stay Interviews”

Many companies wait until after an employee leaves to ask them for feedback in an exit interview. An alternative approach is to acquire feedback from employees before they leave in a “stay interview”. An Inc. article highlighted five questions you should ask employees during a stay interview:

  1. “What do you like about your job?” This question assesses the employee’s satisfaction. It helps the manager learn about what the employee likes and what kind of work they want more of.
  2. “Could you describe a good day of work you had recently?” This question taps into positive experiences at work. Managers should ask this question to learn to replicate such positive experiences.
  3. “Do you feel like your skills are being utilized to the fullest?” Asking this question helps managers ensure that they are tapping into the strengths of their employees. It enables the manager to provide growth opportunities to employees.
  4. “Do you feel you get properly recognized for doing good work?” This question assesses if employees are getting the recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve. Praise is often linked to higher employee retention.
  5. “Do you feel like you are treated with respect?” When respect in absent, employees leave organizations. Respect also affects employee engagement. Asking this question can capture if there are heavy office politics, finger-pointing, stonewalling, silos, etc.