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The Presidents’ Forum Virtual Focused Breakfast

TIME8:00-9:00 AM
LOCATIONOnline - registration link below


CMA’s Jami Wolfe will be moderating the panel at this event.

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COVID Opportunities and Positive Outcomes – How businesses adapted, learned, and grew navigating their first pandemic.

“Never waste a good crisis.” – Winston Churchill while working for the United Nations after WWII.

Did your business die, stall, or grow throughout the COVID crisis?

The pandemic wreaked havoc on businesses and individuals forever altering how we work, play, learn, and live.  While many businesses were unable to survive the extreme nature of the pandemic, there are even more who found a way to adapt.  None of us want to experience another pandemic, but the lessons learned will forever make these businesses stronger and better in the long run. Come learn what new systems, technologies, and evolutions companies have made that are helping them grow and prosper as we near the (hopeful) end to this event.