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What we do

In its simplest form, we set companies up for success.

The desire to take your organization to the next level is at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s helping you hire the right employees, training your next generation of leaders or assessing your growth strategies for the future.

Many business problems originate from unseen friction—conflict between colleagues, an employee in a position that doesn’t play to their strengths, arguments among executives, workers who aren’t satisfied with their jobs. We assess these types of problems and work with you toward a practical solution.

Our Services

CMA’s Leadership Program (TLA)

This comprehensive, hands-on learning program teaches mid- to senior-level leaders how to take their leadership skills to the next level.

360° Feedback

After collecting data from peers, bosses and direct reports, we provide employees with an “all-around” method for identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.

Assessment for International

In an effort to bridge language and cultural barriers associated with international candidates or moving a current or potential employee out of the country, we conduct language-specific assessments that help ensure a good fit.

Assessment for Selection

Avoid mis-hires with an in-depth evaluation that goes beyond the standard interview, resume review and reference check.

Employee Engagement

Assess and improve the level of engagement within your workforce, to strengthen overall productivity, profit, loyalty and safety.

Leadership Development

This customized service helps leaders develop their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and improve their overall leadership skills.

Assessment for Development

Help employees reach their full potential through skill development that is tailored to the needs of your organization.

Assessment for Sales

Assess whether a potential sales hire can successfully sell your product or services with a comprehensive evaluation of their critical thinking, sales behavior, teamwork and more.


Help employees reach their full potential by assessing areas for improvement, establishing developmental goals and building coaching techniques around them.

Entry-Level Questionnaire

Select from a variety of questionnaires to help assess talent for entry-level positions in a number of areas, including manufacturing, distribution centers, call centers, clerical and general labor.

Talent Management

A comprehensive, company-wide endeavor to better align your talent management efforts of hiring, developing and retaining employees with your organization's strategic goals.


As consultants, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand the biggest talent or organizational problems you’re facing, and then we work with you to devise an approach to resolve them.

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