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Ways to Practice Self-Care at Work

Eighty percent of employees feel stress at work. Only half of these individuals already know how to manage stress. Given these statistics, self-care in the workplace is becoming more and more important. An article by Colonial Life highlighted some great ways to engage in self-care during the workday.

  1. Find out what the company offers. Your company’s insurance program may offer health and wellness benefits. The company itself may also offer well-being benefits. Many companies today offer seminars and programs on stress management, time management, and mindfulness within the training and development department.
  2. Create your own “doing” lists. A “doing” list is a list of things you want to start doing. Be realistic about your list. Be more mindful of the things you want to accomplish. Keep it simple—one or two things—then add more later.
  3. Focus on sleep. Good sleep is essential in doing our best work. There are various courses and tutorials aimed at pinpointing your ideal sleep environment.
  4. Learn more about nutrition. Eating healthier gives us more energy. Determine the right foods for your body and create a meal schedule. There are many nutrition programs available to guide you. Some organizations and health insurance programs even offer subsidized nutritional programs at no or low cost.
  5. Set aside 5-10 minutes during lunch for something fun. There is no rule that says you can’t have fun at work. In fact, having fun at work can alleviate stress and make the workday more enjoyable. Carve out a few minutes of your lunch break to do something you find fun. It could be something as simple as listening to your favorite song.
  6. Maintain a healthy workspace. We don’t always have complete control of our work environment. However, you should still try to create an environment that allows you to be at your most productive. You can reduce clutter in your work area or increase natural light. You should also try to maintain good posture. This will not only make you feel physically better, but also more productive.