Read before you begin:

  • The Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness questionnaire contains right and wrong answers as well as a 20-minute time limit.  We strongly advise completing this measure at a time and place when you can be undisturbed for the brief duration.

  • Once you either run out of time OR finish all the questions, press the final button that submits your answers for scoring.  The last screen you see should say "Congratulations!" and will clearly confirm that the questionnaire has been completed and submitted.

  • On one of the instructions pages, you will run into an OK button that doesn't seem to do anything.  Click it and then look for the Next arrow at the bottom right-hand side.  It's easy to miss if you aren't looking for it.

Click here when you are ready to log in and begin. The timed section will not start until after you advance through four sample questions and final instructions.

Troubleshooting Notes:

  • Java must be installed/enabled to complete the questionnaire. To install Java, go to and install the latest version of Java. After installing, please close your internet browser and log back in. In addition, the Thurstone questionnaire will not load appropriately on a Macintosh computer, phone browser, or tablet.

Once you have completed the Thurstone, you can access any other pending tasks from the Welcome screen, which should still be open in another window or tab.


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