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Key Skills to Consider When Applying for a Job

It today’s market, there are some universal skills that are useful in getting the job you want. A recent article by Glassdoor highlighted ten skills that can make you marketable to any employer. Some can be put on your resume, while others can be practiced during an interview.

1. Public speaking. Clear and effective communication is critical, not just during a job interview, but every single day on the job.

2. HTML coding. You do not have to be in the technology field to learn HTML coding. It can be very useful in all industries.

3. Negotiation. Successful negotiation requires many soft skills, such as communication, listening, and innovation. Negotiation can help you earn a higher salary and a slew of other benefits.

4. PowerPoint. Preparing good presentations is just as important as public speaking. PowerPoint skills are a must-have for most jobs today.

5. Confidence. Confidence does not always come easy. It is not something that we have at birth. Confidence can be gained through learning and built when individuals practice things that they find difficult or are unsure about.

6. Microsoft Excel. Excel is one of the most powerful tools in the workplace. One could spend years learning all of its ins and outs. While it is not always necessary to learn everything about Excel, knowing how to use it effectively can be extremely valuable on the job market.

7. Task management. The most productive people out there have task management skills. Task management skills allow you to manage your time and prioritize your tasks. Such skills are universal across all types of industries and positions.

8. Stress reduction. It may not be something you can list on your resume, but stress reduction is one of the most important skills you can have for any position. There are many ways to reduce or relieve stress. Many productive people cite mediation as their preferred way to reduce stress.

9. Handshaking. Handshakes can speak volumes about someone. A clammy, fish-grip handshake can leave a bad impression during an interview. Turn that limp handshake into a powerful grip, lock eyes, and smile confidently. As silly as it sounds, practice your handshake with family and friends. Ask them for feedback as well.

10. Brainstorming. Brainstorming is the rapid-fire sharing of ideas around a table and onto a whiteboard. Although most frequently used by start-ups, brainstorming is beneficial for everyone. It forces you into the habit of thinking collaboratively with others.