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Instead of Self-Sabotaging, Do These Things Instead

Procrastination and other self-sabotaging behavior can slow your growth. An article from Inc. highlighted some key pieces of advice on beating self-sabotaging behavior from Jen Sincero’s book How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life.

  1. Remember that done is better than perfect. If you’re waiting for something to be perfect before you roll it out, you’ll never do it. Instead, just take the plunge and get started. Get it to the point where it’s good. You don’t always have to be a perfectionist.
  2. Notice where you stop. Some people simply don’t start things because they know how long they will take. Determine the exact moment that you want to procrastinate. If you know the source, you can manage it. Start by eliminating distractions around you and time-chunking. Spend a certain amount of time working and then reward yourself with a break after this time has passed.
  3. Make a bet with someone “mean.” Someone who is “mean” is someone who will hold you accountable. They will hold you to your promises and deadlines. They absolutely can’t let you slide despite what excuse you have. Having an accountability partner is critical to success. If you engage in self-sabotaging behavior, you aren’t simply letting yourself down. Rather, you fear embarrassment and disappointing someone else. Set a bet with your accountability partner. Also bet something you are afraid to lose. Fear of failure and fear of losing something you value can really help you stay self-disciplined.
  4. Own it and work with it. Some people are just natural procrastinators. If you’re one of those people, simply own it. Don’t waste time pretending that you’re going to be doing something that you won’t. If you work best under pressure and a natural procrastinator, spend your time doing what you find enjoyable. And when the pressure is on, get down to business.
  5. Love yourself. Even if you’re a procrastinator doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause. Sometimes it’s best to embrace our weaknesses. Check your pride and ask for help if needed.