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How Self-Doubt Can Be Beneficial to Your Career

Everyone experiences self-doubt at one point or another. Most people allow self-doubt to cripple their confidence. But did you know that self-doubt can be beneficial to your career? A recent article by Inc. explains how:

  1. Self-doubt motivates you to keep learning and growing. Doubting yourself every now and then can enable you to want to continue to better yourself. Without it, your skills and knowledge would just stay stagnate. A little self-doubt can help you put in more effort and try harder. 
  2. Self-doubt keeps you humble. Self-doubt is a reminder that you’re human and that you will make mistakes. It also shows you that you don’t know everything. That type of self-awareness and honesty can make you into someone that people can trust and feel comfortable being around. Self-doubt also encourages you to be more open-minded. It allows you to see all sides of a situation. You can consider other peoples’ opinions—those outside of your area of expertise to make more well-informed decisions.
  3. Self-doubt can highlight red flags that spur action to something better. Self-doubt often occurs when you’re feeling insecure about something. It may be indicative that you’re not qualified to do something or that you’re in the wrong role or at the wrong company. Self-doubt can help you take actions to fix it. It can help you move on to work that is more satisfying. It may encourage you to talk to your boss about your concerns. Ultimately, it can improve your situation. 
  4. Self-doubt can create more honest and transparent conversations. Self-doubt can open the doors to conversations with your boss about your career trajectory, your workload, and your current assignment. This type of discussion can help you to overcome your fears and be the boost you need to move forward.