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The key benefits of participation in the forum include:

  • Develop breadth of perspective. Three years of participation in the Forum is equivalent to working for 1-2 other organizations.
  • Learn about family and business topics.
  • Engage in heartfelt dialogue with other family business presidents and outside experts.
  • Interested in being considered for membership?

Membership is by invitation and is based on:

  • Family business president or named successor. May be a non-family member.
  • Strong communication and critical thinking skills plus strategic orientation.
  • Can listen and dialogue effectively with others around the table.
  • A strict rule of confidentiality applies.

Logistics include:

  • Meets the second Tuesday (9-12) of each month.
  • The Family Business Speaker Series is part of the Forum experience, including extended time with the featured speaker.

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To inquire about membership or if you have any questions, please contact Dan Bean, Partner, at 314.721.1860 or by email at