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Critical Strategies for Young Leaders

It can be difficult being a young leader. Leadership Skills Training Consultant, Terri Klass, offered five strategies young leaders can use in this recent LinkedIn article.

  1. Listen first to learn. Listen and learn from more experienced leaders.
  2. Ask thoughtful questions. It’s important to ask clarifying questions to understand a process or responsibility. Before asking your question, consider the following: (a) Think about what your true concerns are before asking, (b) Avoid judgmental language, (c) Be specific and descriptive, (d) Be respectful of the other person’s time and point of view.
  3. Speak up with purpose. Share your thoughts clearly and with purpose. Don’t be afraid to speak up although you may be a bit nervous or anxious. Write down your thoughts prior to the meeting so you can effectively convey your ideas.
  4. Build relationships. Build connections with co-workers and bosses. Some tips for doing so include: (a) Get to know everyone’s name and make associations to learn them, (b) Set up coffee tables or lunches to learn about team member’s interests, (c) Be gracious when someone helps you out by saying thank you, (d) Offer to roll up your sleeves during “crunch times,” (e) Never blame but always be accountable for mistakes or missteps.
  5. Find a mentor. Mentors can be great to provide guidance and support. Seek out a mentor. Not only can they share knowledge and wisdom, but they can help you connect to others.