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4 Things Great Bosses Should Tell New Employees

After the interview process is complete and you’ve hired the right employee, you want that employee to hit the ground running. According to a recent Inc. article, the best way to encourage this and ensure that your new employee is off to a great start is to tell them these four things:

  1. Describe how the business creates value. For new employees to do their job well, they must understand the company’s value proposition and competitive advantage. Explain the company’s main purpose. Then, go further and explain how their job brings value. Explain clearly how their job creates and sustains competitive advantage.
  2. Map out the employee’s internal and external customers. Jobs do not exist in isolation. Every job has internal and external customers. Describe the needs of every constituent and how they relate to the employee’s job.
  3. Set goals immediately and start giving feedback early. Allow new employees to complete a job-related task on their first day. Doing so establishes that results are important and it gives them a sense of achievement.
  4. Reinforce the reasons for why you hired them. Tell your new employees why you hired them. Praise their skills, experience, attitude, and work ethic. Explain why these things make them a great fit for the role. Do not let new employees lose sight of what makes them different.